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you will get into trouble if you don't follow my advice.你若不听从我的劝告,你会陷入困境.get into 作为以上意思时,也可以接宾语,例如:you will get me into trouble if you don't follow my advice.你若不听从我的劝告,你会将我陷入困境.


get into [英][ɡet ˈɪntuː][美][ɡɛt ˈɪntu] 进入; 陷入; 养成; 例句:1.Get into your favorite sleep position. 进入你最佳的睡眠姿势.2.How did the nation get into this situation? 我们的国家怎样到了这个境地呢?

get into 英[ɡet ˈɪntuː] 美[ɡɛt ˈɪntu] [词典] 进入; 陷入; 养成; [造句]He was eager to get into politics.他渴望进入政界.I was working hard to get into Cambridge. 我

1.get into sth 开始做,使经历,使陷入(某事) 2.get sb into sth 使某人开始,使某人陷入某事 3.what has got into you?你怎么会一反常态?

No, they cannot be replaced. Get on is always followed by big vehicles like bus, plane, train, etc,However, get into is followed by small vehicles like car, cab, helicopter as an exceptional.

I get into the swimming team i get into the chess club 我加入了象棋俱乐部 我参加了游泳队

get into 英 基本释义1.进入 2.陷入 3.养成 1.进入 They will get into London this afternoon.他们今天下午会到伦敦.The bus got me into the village at two o'clock.两点钟时公共

go into进入(某处);住进(医院等);进入(某种状况或情况);调查;(指资源等)被投资;开始某一职业;身着(丧服等) get into产生对某事的爱好个兴趣;进入

get into[英][ɡet ˈɪntuː][美][ɡɛt ˈɪntu]进入; 陷入; 养成;